Sam + Matt (and Marley) | A Conrad's Beach Engagement

We had planed for Sam and Matt's engagement session to be in early spring, but unfortunately the weather was just not on our side for our first attempt (Conrad's looked like nuclear wasteland!!), so when on a beautiful sunny day I set off from Windsor to meet them, only to find a giant fog bank that literally only started 90 meters from the water, completely engulfing the beach and accompanied by a FREEZING cold gale, it was a little disheartening.  Sam and Matt decided they were willing to brave it out and see what kinda shots we could get, and boy oh boy am I happy they did, I will never consider fog during a shoot a reason to be disheartened again.  WOW.  These two are perfect together, and Marley is just too cute for words.  Can't wait to shoot their August wedding next summer :)